10 female founders from Latin America who are revolutionizing their industries

This article originally appeared on the FounderList blog, written by Camila Baraya.

The World Economic Forum estimates that gender equity will not be a reality until 2095  However, according to the 2017 Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, 51% of the new businesses opened in 2016 worldwide are led by women. This news is certainly cause for optimism.

As a celebration, here are 10 female founders that are revolutionizing their industries across Latin America:

Maria Paz Gillet / Chile / Jooycar

Jooycar is the first connected car platform in Latin America, which uses the IoT to help insurance companies monitor driving habits, detect accidents, prevent theft, and lower the cost of car insurance for consumers.

Jimena Pardo / Mexico / CarrotShare

CarrotShare is a Mexican car-sharing platform with the world’s easiest on-boarding system. Mexico City has more than 9 million cars in circulation, which are parked 90% of the time. CarrotShare was created to put these cars to use by making them available to others.

Komal Dadlani / Chile / Lab4U

Lab4U is an app that allows smartphones and tablets to be transformed into scientific equipment to use in educational experiments. Dadlani was chosen as one of Toyota’s “Mothers of Invention” in 2017.

Maytê Carvalho / Brazil / B.Pass

B.Pass is the first app that allows you to purchase packages and make appointments at beauty salons, saving you time and money.

Amparo Navarrete / Perú / Culqi

Culqi is a Peruvian online payments gateway that seeks to facilitate the way we do transactions every day. It has been recognized by the MIT Technology Review, Wayra Peru (Telefonica), Digital Bank LATAM, and Start-Up Peru.

Ilana Milkes / Colombia / World Tech Makers

World Tech Makers is an organization headed by a former soccer player from Colombia’s female national team. They teach design and coding bootcamps online and in-person, to jumpstart people’s careers in Latin America.

Agustina Fainguersch / Argentina / Muzi

Muzi is an application that allows you to do an HIV test anywhere, in under 15 minutes. The system is made so that only the patient receives his or her result, without going through a third-party.

Jimena Flórez / Colombia / Chaak Healthy Snacks

Chaak Healthy Snacks is dedicated to making health food. According to Americas Quarterly (AQ), Chaak is transforming the dietary habits of thousands of children in the US, while also supporting Colombian farmers who are following sustainable agricultural practices.

Magdalena Rodríguez y Rosario Monteverde / Uruguay/ GPSGay

GPSGay is an app for the gay community that offers a space for interaction, private social media, and a content platform.

María Pineda/ Venezuela / MiaAstral

MiaAstral is an online emporium that is revolutionizing astrology. Pineda already has more than a million followers on Facebook, almost 133K subscribers on YouTube and 860K followers on Instagram.

Check out the original post on FounderList to read in Spanish or view the infographic.

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