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LatAm List was born of our own frustration with the lack of available English sources on Latin American startup news.

We cover startup and entrepreneurship news coming from all of Latin America, from Brazil to Mexico, Chile to Puerto Rico, to help English speakers stay up-to-date on recent acquisitions, investments, and launches. LatAm List is also a space for founders and investors to tell their stories in their own words.

We picked a shorthand format for these articles to provide pithy updates that are meant to inform you and provide resources to help you further educate yourself on the subject. If you would like to learn more about the startups we write about, please follow the links available in each article to view alternate coverage or to visit their website.

If you have any tips, or would like to submit a story for publication, please reach out! We love to hear about the latest news and trends changing entrepreneurship in Latin America. Thank you for reading!



Sophia Wood is an entrepreneur, a writer, and an avid traveler. She fell in love with Latin America after studying abroad in Chile from 2015-2016, so she started looking for opportunities to return after graduating from Georgetown University in May 2017.

Alongside a fellow Georgetown alum, Sophia co-founded VamosA, an international training program for aspiring entrepreneurs that was based in Medellin, Colombia, in 2017. As she became immersed in the Latin American startup ecosystem, she discovered a passion for writing about Latin America’s tech and entrepreneurship revolution and sharing the stories of these inspiring founders with the world.

Sophia is currently a Principal at Magma Partners, a seed stage venture capital firm focused on Latin American tech startups with offices in Chile, Colombia, Mexico, China, and the US. She is also the co-founder of LatAm List, a source for Latin American tech news in English.

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Juan Pablo Cappello, originally from Chile, is a corporate attorney and venture capitalist who over the course of 25+ years has flown more than three million miles to advise some of the most innovative tech founders in Latin America on their legal issues and business strategies.

Well-known as the former general counsel of Patagon.com, where he was one of a few executives that orchestrated the sale of a controlling interest to Santander (Spain) at a company valuation of over US$750 million—still one the largest venture capital M&A exits ever in Latin America.

Juan Pablo is the co-founder of 8 venture backed businesses in Miami and Latin America including the Lab Miami, Idea.me, Miami Angels and Wonder.com. As a legal advisor Juan Pablo from his law firm PAG.law has represented many of the leading tech enabled companies in the region like Mercado Libre, 99 Taxis, ComparaOnline, OpenEnglish as well as hundreds of other founders and their companies. Juan Pablo was named “Latin American Venture Capital Lawyer of the Year (FL)” by Corporate Intl Magazine’s 12th Global Award.

Juan Pablo is also a contributor to LatAm List as a part of the partnership between LatAm List and PAG.law to promote the Latin American startup ecosystem worldwide.

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Josefina Domínguez Iino, a South African born Argentine, is a recent graduate from Universidad Torcuato Di Tella’s Social Sciences Program in Buenos Aires. She specialized in Communication and Journalism and worked as an editor for the university’s paper, Revista La Curva.

Prior to studying in Argentina, Josefina attended the Baking and Pastry Arts program at George Brown College in Toronto, Canada. She’s been dabbling in the entrepreneurial world with her baking and chocolate business “Chocofina,” ever since. Her nomadic upbringing has made her curious to learn and inform others about the world through her eyes. She is now based in Buenos Aires where she is finding a balance between gastronomy and writing.

Josefina is currently a weekly contributor to LatAm List.


  Angel Andraca is a Chilean entrepreneur and part of the Operations team at Magma Partners. After graduating from Universidad Adolfo Ibañez in Santiago, Chile, Angel founded Ttanti, a sustainable watch company that combines Patagonian materials with Swiss-quality watch mechanics.

At Ttanti, Angel received investment from Magma Partners, where he began to learn about venture capital and the positive impact technology was having on Chile and Latin America as a whole. He is now based in Santiago, Chile where he splits his time between running Ttanti and helping with the daily Operations of Magma Partners.

Angel is currently a contributor to LatAm List.

Humberto Pertuz is the co-founder and CEO of Vozy, an AI voice communication platform that empowers businesses and customers to connect on any device, any time. Humberto came up with the idea for Vozy while working as an engineer at Telefonica, one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world.

He realized call centers were not efficiently turning customer communications into new opportunities, so he built a cloud-based platform that used Artificial Intelligence to manage voice communication for companies around the region, launching Vozy in 2016.

Humberto is a contributor to LatAm List.