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Holberton School opens two new campuses in Colombia

LatAm ListHolberton School is  a San Francisco-based programming school that focuses on providing students with a full software engineering education in two years. After opening their first East Coast location earlier this year, Holberton School opened two new campuses in Colombia, one in Medellin and the other in Bogota.

“Colombia’s digital growth is so impressive that they cannot currently train the required pool of software engineering talent fast enough,” said Julien Barbier, Holberton’s CEO and co-founder, in an announcement for TechCrunch.

Holberton Schools shy away from the raw programming skills that other coding programs tend to teach, focusing more heavily on the engineering and design behind the code. They will partner with local nonprofit, Coderise, and Colombia’s startup unicorn, Rappi, to create a soft landing for the programs in Colombia.

Rappi’s CEO, Simon Borrero, said in a statement: “The future of LATAM is digital, and we are leading the revolution in Colombia. But this success will depend on available high-quality software engineering talent.”

Rappi plans on hiring some of Holberton’s first graduates, who are admitted through an automated process that erases prejudices based on gender, class, or race.

Read more about Holberton School in TechCrunch.

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