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Mexican entrepreneurs develop 3D-printed skull implant

LatAm List –  Carlos Monroy and Martín Carcaño founded Granta in 2013 to develop 3D-printed surgical implants that reduce infection risk for in-patients. Based in Los Vegas, Nevada, the Mexican entrepreneurs recently completed their third successful implant, this time replacing a significant section of a woman’s skull.

The 3D printed implants are made of a material called Peek that reduces infection risk from 30% with regular acrylic implants to 11%. It also reduces surgery time from 1.5 hours to just four minutes.

Monroy and Carcaño developed the piece in collaboration with the surgeon using the facilities at Autodesk University. While this development method is approximately five times more expensive than the traditional acrylic piece, the reduction in surgery and recovery time equals out the cost, commented the founders.

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