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Argentina E-Commerce, Pampa Market, arrives in China

LatAm ListPampa Market, an e-Commerce platform that was the first to specialize in selling Argentine food and beverages, recently launched its services in China with an initial investment of $3.4M, announced at the Argentinian Embassy in Beijing. The company is looking to reach 130,000 new clients and $140M in sales during its first year.

“China appears to be one of the last countries to enter e-Commerce, but is also the fastest-growing”, says Juan Uriburu, Pampa Market’s CEO. He adds, “The Belt and Road Forum has made logistics faster and helped commerce between China and economies that want to buy Chinese products”.

Pampa Market’s target audience in China is the young middle-class who are curious to try products from other countries.

Yu Yonghui, Guangdong Chamber of Commerce President in Argentina considers the platform to be a great opportunity for such geographically-distant countries to understand each other’s markets.

According to official sources, in 2018, the bilateral trade volume between China and Argentina rose to $16.28M, which represents an interannual increase of 18.2%.

Uriburu hopes Pampa Market’s presence will encourage other Argentine companies to open operations in China.

Read more on Xinhua Español.

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