7 female startups selected to participate in Impacta VC 2022 Program


54 startups from 10 Latin American countries were selected among hundreds of applicants to participate in the strategic capital raising program promoted by Impacta VC, a venture capital fund that supports social impact companies (Chilean unicorn Betterfly among them).

Out of this 54, 7 startups are (co) founded by women:

  1. edarkstore. Founders: Francisca Ceballos Bastías – Nicolás Sclabos – Pier Colonnello – Benjamín Arancibia – Ignacio Anfossi
  2. Uils: Founders: Josefina Cafferata Leloir –  Tomás Costanzo – Alejandro Álvarez
  3. Beeok: Founders: Carolina MonttJaviera Silva – Cristian Bustos – Linco Ñanco
  4. Mamotest: Founders: Camila de Pamphilis – Guillermo Pepe – Martín Fontana – Ramiro Corletti
  5. Cirkula: Founders: Michelle Gomberoff – Jimmy Baudts
  6. ClicRural: Founder: Lucía Viana
  7. Aictive: Founders: Magdalena PobleteMarisa Pérez – Cristian Pérez – Claudio Gutierrrez

The innovative Impacta Fundraising Strategy Program (or IFSP), which began on Tuesday, September 27th and will last 12 weeks, will teach the chosen startups to understand the VC game, and to raise capital through the design of their own fundraising strategy, in order to access pre-seed, seed or Pre-Series A rounds.

Startup distribution

The broad representation of Latin America in the selection process can be seen in the distribution by country: 

  • 21 startups from Chile
  • 8 from Argentina
  • 6 from Mexico
  • 6 from Peru
  • 5 from Uruguay
  • 3 from Ecuador
  • 2 from Colombia
  • 2 from Bolivia
  • 1 from Venezuela
  • 1 from Costa Rica

As for their industry, the startups are categorized as:

  • Greentech: 18.5% of the startups (10 in total)
  • Fintech: 9.2% (5 in total)
  • Ecommerce or retail (7.4%)
  • Biotechnology or medicine (7.4%)
  • Education (7.4%)
  • Food (7.4%)

The 54 startups chosen by Impacta VC, although they address different issues, share the same purpose: through digital solutions, they aim to become the companies that the world needs, whose first major positive impact is to activate and boost the economy of Latin America.

“We are happy to start supporting the 54 startups that were selected in our IFSP. Our expectation is that they will learn how to oversubscribe their rounds, successfully close them, and this will allow them to fulfill their purpose. This is the 2nd version of the IFSP, which was made with a larger call than the previous year, and will be held every year,”

said David Alvo, CEO and founder of Impacta VC.

The Impacta VC initiative will also have stellar attendees, such as Marcus Dantus, Raul Moreno, Leo Prieto, Tomas Bercovich, Eduardo Della Maggiora, Eliana Bracciaforte, Regina Athie, Nicolas de Camino, and Yoel Chlimper, among others, who will participate as speakers in Impacta Rockstars, success stories that serve as inspiration to motivate and promote ventures that will change the world.

The program wants to help these companies to pick the best investors in their next rounds, and make their companies more attractive and visible in the investor ecosystem, while making the planet a better place. The IFSP was designed and led by founders who have successfully raised capital from VCs around the world, and have sold companies at valuations between $20M and +$1B.

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