ABSeed raises $30M to invest in B2B SaaS

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Brazilian VC ABSeed raised its third fund, Seed 3, a $30M fund to invest in early-stage B2B SaaS startups across Latin America.

ABSeed will focus on SaaS combined with other monetization layers, such as fintechs and marketplaces. AI-driven solutions are also a priority.

“The turbulence experienced by the technology market in recent years has brought maturity to the ecosystem. Investor caution has raised the bar in evaluating startups and brought healthier valuations and rounds. We have our deal flow where we evaluate between 8 and 10 startups weekly, and the quality of the founders has surprised us positively,” said Geraldo Melzer, Co-founder of ABSeed.

ABSeed’s fund 1, a $7M fund, has 3 exits to date: Movidesk, Meetime, and Conta Simples, which have guaranteed a 150% return (distributed to paid-in capital) to investors.

ABSeed has made 9 investments out of its $20M Fund 2. 

Read the full article at Tekios.

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