Agtech accelerator, Yield Lab, creates LatAm program in Buenos Aires

There are over 260 active agtech startups across Latin America, from Argentina to Mexico. After Argentina declared that agtech was a priority area for development, the Yield Lab, one of the world’s first agtech accelerators, expanded to Buenos Aires. The first Yield Lab program will accept six startups, and received over 64 applications.

Three startups have been chosen so far: Agree Market, Kilimo, and Eiwa. These startups use drones, online marketplaces, and machine learning algorithms to improve the agriculture industry across the region. According to Viton, one of the Yield Lab’s founders:

“The whole region is the world’s net largest exporter of food and we see emerging technologies touching on every aspect of the regional agricultural production system — row crops, fruits, cattle, fisheries, forestry, bioenergy, and so on. But these teams still have a long way to go to become established companies with viable business models. They need resources – people, capital, networks – and the regional VC ecosystem for this sector is still in its early days.”

The Yield Lab will provide mentorship, industry events, and a global network to participants, including access to their accelerators in St Louis, Missouri and Galway, Ireland.

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