Amazon Investor Coalition is investing in forest-friendly economic development across Latin America

LatamList – The Amazon Investor Coalition wants “to ensure that the [Amazon Rainforest] is worth more alive and standing, than cut and burned.”

Born out of a UN forum in September 2020, the Amazon Investor Coalition brings together investors, philanthropists, governments, entrepreneurs, and nonprofits to develop and increase forest-friendly economic development across all Amazon Rainforest countries. 

The Coalition has partnered with the Global Governance Philanthropy Network and NEXUS to create a four-part development program that engages the public and private sector to develop methods for sustainable development that protect the rainforest.

These areas include:

  1. Impact Investing and Sustainable Entrepreneurship
  2. Governance and Rule of Law
  3. Carbon Market and Ecosystem Service Payment Innovation
  4. Public Awareness, Investor Education, and Engagement

Across these four pillars, the Coalition is looking to create robust deal flow networks, empower entrepreneurs in the region, develop and implement technology to detect and prosecute deforestation, strengthen local rule-of-law, and engage with the financial sector to develop investment opportunities in Amazon conservation. 

The organization will hold a global summit on investing in the Amazon from May 24th-28th to connect local communities, financial organizations, nonprofits, entrepreneurs, investors, and philanthropists to develop forest-friendly economic development across the region.

While the Amazon Rainforest connects and stabilizes much of Latin America, the Amazon Investor Coalition was created to ensure it stays that way.

For more information about the Amazon Investor Coalition, visit

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