Argentine app WINIM gains an investor

LatAm List – With the slogan “Save the Food”, WINIM is connecting Argentine locals with surplus dishes that restaurants would have otherwise thrown out. The rescued food, which is in perfect condition, is sold at a 60% discounted price.

Juan Ignacio Abuchdid, the President of Invertir en Bolsa, joined the WINIM team as an investor and contributed an undisclosed amount of funds which will be used to increase commercial and marketing strength and improve the app. 

“When I heard about WINIM, I looked into it and found that similar business models exist in other countries and had been successful in Europe and the US. What really caught my attention was the win-win (hence the name) format that allows restaurants to gain profit where before there were losses, as well as giving clients quality dishes at lower prices,” said Abuchdid.

WINIM currently works with 150 establishments in Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

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