Argentinians can now top up SUBE cards via mobile

LatAm List – The first 10K people in Buenos Aires to download the new Carga SUBE app will be able to quickly top up their bus and metro cards through their smartphones, as long as it is an Android device. The app allows users to simply tap the card to the back of their phone to top it up using any local card. The app allows up to 10 top-ups to different cards daily.

Currently, Carga SUBE requires an Android phone with a WiFi or data connection and an antenna that is compatible with the SUBE systems. All these requirements can be verified through the app. When the testing period is over, the Argentinian government plans to open use of the app to the general public.

When the app launches publicly, it will also allow users to check their available balance by just tapping the card to their phones. The app still cannot be used on iPhones because their antenna do not connect with third-party systems, meaning they cannot communicate with SUBE software.

Previously, the SUBE card could be topped up in subte stations, via ATMs, at the post office, or through MercadoPago.

Read more in La Nación.

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