Bossa Nova announces new fund to invest $900K in fintechs

LatamList – The Bossa Nova Investments, a micro VC investing in the pre-seed stage, recently announced an innovative movement in the national startup ecosystem: the Pool Fintech. 

The creation of a specific group for investment in fintechs reflects the company’s belief in one of the fastest-growing segments in Brazil.

The new group of investors has $900K (R$5M) available to find businesses and is formed by respected professionals in the market. 

The 8 members of the investment committee include João Bezerra, the former CTO of Banco Itaú, Eduardo Mazon, the Executive Director at Banco BMG, and Rodolfo Fücher, the President of the Brazilian Software Association (ABES).

A Finnovation study showed that from 2018 to 2019 the number of fintechs in Brazil increased by 34%.

“This is not the first group of investors that we work with, other sectors such as lawtech and edutech have also been the target of this project, so we see a unique opportunity to work in this way. Bringing together names of great relevance, who have experience in investment in startups and know the segment like nobody else, is the most assertive way to find companies that have the potential to gain scalability both in the national and international scenario. Pool Fintech arrives with the certainty that many promising businesses will emerge in this process,” said João Kepler, the Director of Bossa Nova Investimentos.

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