Brazilian mobile leader, Movile, launches Wavy

Movile is a Brazilian mobile commerce company with a mission to make life better for a billion people through mobile solutions. In early 2018, the industry leader announced a plan to bundle its content and messaging offerings on a new platform called Wavy.

The new platform is meant to provide an identity to those services to give them autonomy from Movile, which owns several other products, such as PlayKids, iFood , Rapiddo and Sympla. Wavy will be commencing operations with US$100M in revenue each year, more than 100 million users, and 40 Latin American mobile carriers.

Says Movile CEO Fabricio Bloisi:

“Movile’s been working in content and messaging since its foundation. We have an extremely strong knowledge base about the business and how to deliver the best experience to our customers and partners.

Now, with the strengthening of companies such as MessageBird in Europe and the evolution of companies such as Twilio in the United States, we believe that with Wavy, we have incredible global potential. With this launch, we want to continue to expand our footprint.”

Wavy will bring together three areas: partnerships, education and Chatclub (messaging) to provide a clearer way to customers to purchase and use their apps and services.

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