Buser offers advance payments to charter companies

LatAm ListBuser, a Brazilian collaborative charter platform, is offering to advance payments for free and without fees or interest to help charter companies during the COVID-19 quarantine period.

Charter companies operating on Buser paralyzed their operations to comply with social distancing measures. Buser, in line with these companies, paused travel operations on March 21, in order to avoid the risk of contamination among users of the platform.

“Buser has a commitment to society and people’s health. We were the first company in the area to stop operations to avoid the risk of contamination. We constantly evaluate our recovery plans and will do so when we understand that we have a safe environment for our customers, partners, and employees,” explained Marcelo Abritta, CEO of Buser.

Until Buser resumes trips, the company will allocate $360K ($2M) to help support its business partners during this period of social distancing and to encourage entrepreneurs to retain staff in the administrative, service, and maintenance areas.

The company expects that this action will help more than 300 families related to these employees, and already, over 50 bus companies have benefited from the first set of payments.

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