Cabify, Easy Taxi and Movo build first multi-mobility platform in Mexico

LatAm ListCabify, a private taxi platform similar to Uber, Didi, and Lyft, will be offering more transportation options in the near future. Cabify has broken ground in all the capitals of Latin America and, with their new merger announcement, will continue to expand. 

Cabify, Easy Taxi, and Movo are combining resources to offer transportation on scooters, public and private taxis. 

“We believe that it is time to be inclusive and have a single transport offer that integrates all those who move in order to achieve efficiency and improve mobility in cities,” explained Ramón Escobar, General Manager of Cabify Mexico, in an interview with iProUp

In the future, the company wants this “multi-mobility” to be extended to bicycles, motorcycles, air transport and cars without a driver.

Read more at iProUp.

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