Cargo Produce arrives in Mexico after $1.1 million seed-round


The startup Cargo Produce, a management system platform for import and export, will expand its business to Mexico after raising last May a $1.1 million dollars seed round. The round was headed by a national family office with investments in the export sector, and followed by angel investors Francisco Larraín (co-founder of Topsort) and Diego Fleischmann (co-founder of Migrante).

The funds will be allocated to build the sales team and hire more engineers for their strong technology team.

The startup has developed a web platform where all actors involved in the supply chain can be connected in an effective, orderly manner and with all the documentation within a single tool. Cargo Produce ran for six months in stealth mode with a group of early adopter customers, and was officially launched in January of this year. Current customers bring in a volume of 30,000 containers and expect to reach 100,000 by the end of this year.

Until the arrival of Cargo Produce, there was no technology to consolidate the main processes of the first mile from a perspective based on the pains of these actors. These same pains were suffered by Francisco del Río and Miguel Jubal, the founders of Cargo Produce. These two Chileans living in the United States turned their 15 years of experience dedicated to international trade into a technology startup that aims to become a super platform for exporters and importers globally.

“Our system is transversal to all areas of a company. This is because it doesn’t matter what department you belong to; if you work in imports/exports you will have some level of involvement in the international supply chain. This is how, for example, the financial teams control collection or payment opportunities linked to ship sailings and arrivals, and the commercial and purchasing teams use our allocation tools,” said Miguel Jubal, co-founder of the Cargo Produce.

Among the companies that already use the platform are Danper, Agrofino, Pronatur and Global Frozen, among others.

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