Chile deepens trade relationship with China

LatAm ListProChile, the ministry that works to promote investment in Chile, recently closed a deal with Win Chain in China to directly export Chilean produce and products to China. Win Chain provides all the fresh produce and goods for Alibaba, the largest e-commerce site in China.

China is now officially Chile’s largest trade partner, despite being located more than 19,000 kilometers away from Latin America.  In the first few months, Win Chain will conduct a pilot program by importing US$50M worth of fruit, US$20M of meats, and US$46M of fish and seafood.

This move allows Chilean producers to export directly to one of the biggest markets in the world. As a part of the modernization process of ProChile, the agency created a platform called Chile B2B to streamline the export and customs process, meaning trade does not have to stop on weekends.

While this news is not directly related to startups, it showcases the increasingly close relationship between China and Latin America in trade and investment, a growing trend in the local ecosystem.

Read more in El Mercurio.

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