Chilean unicorn Cornershop transitions to Uber Eats

Uber, the US food ordering and delivery platform, merged the Chilean grocery delivery app Cornershop into the Uber Eats app. Migrating the Cornershop app into Uber Eats is a final step to Uber’s 2020 acquisition of Cornershop.

Cornershop was Chile’s first unicorn when it received a $3B valuation in 2021.      

Uber Eats integrated Cornershop’s delivery services from supermarkets, large stores, and pharmacies into its app. As Cornershop transforms into “Cornershop by Uber,” customers can still access the same features and stores that Cornershop had, but only through the Uber Eats app.

Cornershop, founded in 2015 by Daniel UndurragaJuan Pablo Cuevas, and Oskar Hjertonsson, will now expand its services in Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, and Peru and enter Canada and the United States as part of Uber Eats.

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