Colombian startup Mambot wins IBM’s BlueCode 2018

Mambot is a Colombian startup that has developed an intelligent Virtual Assistant to improve communication for people with auditory disabilities. Mambot was chosen from over 1,400 participants that showed up for IBM’s first ever BlueCode competition in Latin America that started April 20th, 2018.

Mambot’s virtual assistant uses IBM’s Watson to help teach and communicate through sign language. It can also detect and understand sign language, using Watson’s artificial intelligence platform to process the signs.

The competition brought together developers to create innovative development projects that impact local communities with a focus on health, education, transport, finance, and retail, all using the IBM Cloud. Mambot was chosen as the best Colombian startup to participate in BlueCode for the originality, impact, and presentation of the idea.

The developers, Fabián Agudelo, Mauricio José Jiménez, and Alejandro González, will travel to San Francisco to participate in the IBM Developers Conference 2018 and begin to develop their idea.

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