Didi launches sustainable fleet in Mexico: 700 electric & hybrid cars


LatAm List – Two years after their arrival in Mexican shores, and following a steady march that has seen the Chinese ridesharing company open new cities and offer new services, Didi announced the opening of their HQ in Mexico City to support their new fleet of 200 electric cars and 500 hybrid cars.

Juan Andrés Panamá, Operations Director for the company in Mexico, stated, “At Didi, we believe that electric and hybrid cars will be essential to the future of mobility within cities. That is why we are beginning this effort now, in the hopes that we will expand in time.”

To that end, Didi will finance its own drivers to acquire the vehicles for this new fleet. The electric cars, whose make and model have yet to be announced, will be financed at a rate of 0%, while the hybrids will be offered at a 50% discount over competing market rates.

Panamá also used this opportunity to announce Didi’s new data initiative, where the aggregated and anonymized data gathered from all their rides will be shared with city authorities to help solve the country’s mobility challenges.

Read more on Fortune en Español.

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