EBANX is Latin America’s Newest Unicorn

LatAm ListEBANX, a payments fintech company based in Curitiba announced a significant follow-on investment from FTV Capital, a US based growth equity investment firm. This investment makes EBANX Brazil’s newest unicorn, and the first in the southern region of the country. 

The Curitiba-based company offers payment solutions for global companies looking to expand their businesses in Latin America. Some of their success stories include Airbnb, AliExpress, Pipedrive, Spotify, Uber, and Wish. 

“Becoming a unicorn reflects the unique solutions we have created to meet the demands of some of the world’s most recognized brands since we founded EBANX in 2012. From the start, our focus has been on connecting people in Latin America to global companies providing access and a seamless ability to transact. This investment from our partner FTV Capital highlights the continued success we have had in delivering best-in-class platform to our customers, and shines the light on Latin America as a massively attractive region for commerce,” said Alphonse Voigt, co founder and CEO of EBANX.

In addition to payment-processing, EBANX also provides market intelligence services, analytics, anti-fraud strategies, 24/7 customer service in the local language of Latin American customers, and localized marketing consultancy.

“We have a deep knowledge of the Latin American market. We engage closely with our consumers and are always looking out for our merchants’ needs. In order to succeed in Latin America, it is very important to understand the specificities of each country, and that’s exactly what EBANX offers – technology, proximity, and solutions that fit seamlessly into the region’s context and are tailored to our merchant’s business models. This lowers the barrier to entry in the market and increases the Total Addressable Market,” said Voigt.

EBANX will continue to expand its operations throughout Latin America, as well as expanding its team with top talent, and new partnerships. The company will also grow its product portfolio, including the expansion of EBANX Pay, a solution for local payment processing in Latin America.

Read more on this press release.

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