Empleos Inclusivos expands to Uruguay

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Empleos Inclusivos, a platform that connects people with disabilities to job opportunities,  launched in Uruguay.

“We stand as allies for individuals with disabilities who are in search of employment. Many of them face challenges, including limited social networks and educational opportunities, making them a particularly vulnerable group.” said Diego Villarroel, Empleos Inclusivos’ CEO.

Empleos Inclusivos is a platform that provides individuals with disabilities with job opportunities that align with their needs while assisting companies in promoting job openings. It also offers consultancy and guidance on labor inclusion and recruitment.

Founded by Diego Villaroel in 2019, Empleos Inclusivos has clients such as Antofagasta Minerals, Inacap, Teck, Banco de Chile, McDonald’s, and Telefónica and has over 10,000 users in Chile and Peru. The startup simplifies compliance with the Labor Inclusion Law, which requires both private and government entities in Chile to allocate 1% of their positions to individuals with disabilities

The HR startup plans to include job listings for individuals aged 50 and older in November and expand to Paraguay and Mexico next year.

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