EmpleosTI is now Hireline and starts its expansion to Latam


EmpleosTI, the Mexican job portal for IT professionals and programmers, announced it is changing its name to Hireline and that they are launching the company this year in Colombia. Hireline was born in 2014 in Querétaro, Mexico, the second country with the most IT professionals in Latin America, and was founded by Emmanuel Olvera and Rafael Montufar.

The job portal Hireline makes life easier for IT recruiters with the help of technology, with a platform that optimizes by 50% the time of the recruitment process for companies. The startup uses an algorithm that ranks candidates according to their technical skills and years of experience, identifying with an 80% of accuracy their specialization, experience, and other qualifications.

Hireline decided to change its name to transform its brand and support a new company vision, as they strive to connect Latin America’s technological talent with the best companies in the world. 

After seven years of developing Hireline’s job portal, the company has organized 15 virtual recruitment events that connected more than 15 thousand tech professionals to large companies. They also held four HR Tech Conferences and organized hackathons and alliances with some of the most important universities in Mexico.

The company has also announced that it will launch its operations in Colombia, opening its platform to offer remote job offers from companies worldwide.

The job portal Hireline was named one of the 30 promises of Business by Forbes Magazine in 2019 and, up until now, has attracted more than 250 thousand candidate profiles into their platform. According to Hireline’s CEO Emmanuel Olvera, the company’s goal is to reach the 1 million members mark in 2024 and become the largest technology talent pool in Latin America. Some companies that use Hireline to recruit talent are Oracle, Accenture, Softtek, IBM, Cognizant, Indra, Atos, Kavak, and more.

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