Endeavor raises a $15M fund for Brazilian startups.

Endeavor, the organization that supports high-impact entrepreneurs with potential for economic and social impact in their countries, raised $15M for its Scale-Up Ventures II fund, surpassing its initial $12M target. The fund is designed to support the best companies in Endeavor’s portfolio in the country.

Endeavor plans to invest in 50 startups, with checks of $250K each. This fundraising marks the arrival of Scale-UP Ventures’ new director, Gustavo Cruz.

“Scale-Up Ventures is designed to invest in the fastest-growing companies in Brazil, and we have been faithful to this idea”. “When a fund delivers on its promises to investors, it builds trust, encouraging further investments, and we’re already seeing this happen,” said Gustavo Cruz 

Scale-Up Ventures has already approved eight investments, with three publicly announced, including Portão 3 with a $3.7M round earlier this year and Brandlovrs, which raised $1.9M in April. 

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