Ewa Capital launches a $30M fund for women entrepreneurs

LatAm ListEwa Capital is the first private fund led by women in Colombia. In an effort to promote diversity in the ecosystem, the fund finances tech startups that are gender inclusive at their core. 

The fund was founded in 2016 by Patricia Saenz, from Mountain Nazca Colombia, and Paula Arango from Elevar Equity. Its name, Ewa, means seed in Arhuaco and is intended to represent growth amongst women and entrepreneurs.

Ewa’s Fund II is still in its fundraising phase, with an end goal to raise $30M by December 2020 which will be invested in early-stage startups. They will bet primarily on industries they consider to be scalable in Latin America such as education, health, financial services, retail, and agrobusiness. And of course, they will focus on startups that are gender inclusive. 

The founders measure inclusion in the startups using certain parameters, such as that women be active members of the managing team, or that the end-clients be women. 

“We find that women haven’t been valued in the decision making process, and at the end of the day, we’re a huge influence in consumption,” said Saenz and Arango.

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