Food delivery app iFood announces social security for Colombia employees

LatamListiFood, a Brazilian food delivery app, will start paying insurance to its Colombian delivery employees. The move will aid about 50,000 households.

While delivery workers are independent, zero-contract employees, iFood is making the move to offer them access to social security.

“We feel that this is the correct decision for the company and its employees to continue generating opportunities so that employees have the same income or more since the platform is growing rapidly, while they can also contribute to the country and have their futures assured,” said Tiago Luz, Country Manager of iFood in Colombia.

With the pandemic, food delivery companies became a vital source of employment for many.

The insurance will include coverage during work accidents, health insurance, and pensions. iFood said that the new insurance guarantee would not affect worker’s income, user costs, or restaurant commissions.

“We are investing more than ever in a model that supports everyone involved in the business: iFood, restaurants, and deliverers together,” said Fabricio Bloisi, founder and CEO of iFood.

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