German VC firm Picus Capital opens office in São Paulo 


The German VC firm Picus Capital has announced it will open offices in São Paulo, Brazil. Also, Santiago Dañino Beck will be appointed as Head of Latin America, which indicates the firm’s increased focus in the region.

Picus Capital is a VC that invests mainly in pre-seed, seed, and Series A rounds of tech companies in the finance, HR, renewable energy, real estate, insurance, mobility, e-commerce, and healthcare sectors. As a company that is headquartered in Munich, Picus Capital has backed 20 Latin American companies, including Mexican Clara, Chile’s Xepelin, and Brazilian Kamino.

Santiago Dañino brings to Picus his experience in investing and scaling high-growth tech ventures. At Picus, Santiago will lead the expansion of their presence in Latin America, future investments, and support the portfolio companies in the region. He will also be the main point of contact with the VC’s local ecosystems. He will work closely with entrepreneurs, universities, and investors.

Julian Roeoes, Partner and Head of Americas at VC firm Picus Capital, explained that there are many skilled Latin Americans returning from abroad and creating tech communities in countries such as Colombia and Uruguay. Regarding Santiago’s appointment and the opening of offices in Latin America, Julian says the following:

“His appointment and the opening of our local offices underscore our commitment to the region. Since accelerating our LatAm efforts 18 months ago, we have partnered with amazing founders and companies such as Clara, Xepelin, Aplazo, Neta, Cayena, BHub, Caju and many more. We are excited to partner with even more founders in Latin America across all stages of their entrepreneurial journeys.”

Also, Picus Capital announced that, for its newly launched global Venture Partner Network, they selected Gerry Giacomán Colyer as a first Venture Partner. Gerry is the cofounder and CEO of the Mexican fintech unicorn Clara. The Venture Partner Network’s aim is to help startups accelerate their growth journeys and provide expertise in finance and technology-related topics.

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