Glovo seeks to build Latin American tech center

LatAm List – In a story brought to our attention by Reuters, Spanish delivery startup, Glovo, will soon open a round of investment meant to expand its influence in Latin America. Among its plans are to build a second tech center in the region as Glovo’s Brazilian market races to overtake its hold in Spain.

Grocery delivery in Latin America is growing faster than in Europe and gaining widespread appeal. Several delivery startups, including Cornershop and Rappi, have been a part of the region’s biggest deals of the past year.

“The use of grocery deliveries in Latin American is broad compared to European countries where Glovo operates. Here they already have the habit of ordering pharmaceutical products and groceries for delivery,” said Glovo’s Brazil Country Manager, Bruno Raposo.

Retailers in the region are starting to catch on and are developing their own online services or acquiring startups, like in the case of Cornershop and Walmart. For now, Glovo will continue to fight to dominate Brazil’s, and Latin America’s, increasingly-competitive delivery industry.

Read more in the original article for Reuters.

The battle for last-mile delivery in Latin America


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