Grow Mobility leaves 14 cities in Brazil

LatAm ListGrow Mobility, a micro-mobility platform born from a merger between Grin Scooters and Yellow, takes bikes out of circulation and leaves 14 cities in Brazil. Scooters will remain operating in Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and Curitiba.

The mobility company also laid off employees in what it describes as a “restructuring of operations” in Brazil. Their bikes have been taken out of circulation for assessment due to the vandalism they faced as soon as they hit the market.

“Planning this restructuring has forced us to make difficult decisions. However, these are necessary in order to improve the offer of our services and consolidate our operations in Latin America. The micromobility market is fundamental in revolutionizing the way people get around cities and we continue to believe that this market has room to grow in the region,” explains Jonathan Lewy, Grow’s CEO.

Yellow and Grin merged in January 2019 to form Grow, which currently operates in seven countries in Latin America and has a total raised of $150M.

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