How Movile is trying to beat Netflix in children’s content

Netflix is a US$120B business with a 115 million users in 190 countries. The video streaming service is no small rival. However, Brazil’s mobile giant Movile is putting up a fight when it comes to animated content for children.

Playkids, Movile’s platform for children, took off in 2013, providing not only videos, but also games, books, and activities. It already has 5 million users in 180 countries. In order to compete fiercely against Netlix, Movile has been focused on creating original content that provides educational benefit to children. Their focus on highly valuable content has led them to stick to short film series rather than including movies.

“If the ninth episode will not add anything to the child’s learning, for example, it will simply be excluded from programming. How do I compete with these giants? I want to show that my value is that I am extremely dedicated to the fact that children will gain something from what they see, “says Guilherme Martins, CEO of PlayKids.

PlayKids also has a subscription club called PlayKids Explorer, that provides customized content to families that pay to join. The content consists of a constantly changing storybook that uses an avatar of the child as the protagonist; all the content on PlayKids is painstakingly planned to be of high educational value.

In their effort to compete with Netflix, Movile expanded their PlayKids Explorer services to the United States in January 2018. The competition, including Netflix, should not rest, says Martins.

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