Ipiranga launches internal venture, Turbo

LatAm ListIpiranga is a Brazilian conglomerate involved in the refining and distribution of oil. In support of the Latin American culture for innovation, the company has recently announced the launch of an internal venture,Turbo. 

Turbo will facilitate new practices within the franchise. Changes that are already being tested include: cost optimization prototypes, process improvements, improved customer service and consumer experience, and business management assistance from resellers and franchisees.

“We want to create an environment that further strengthens digital transformation and opens innovation avenues for us to work on new opportunities. Test and fix fast; innovate and transform; anticipate trends; provide unique experiences,” said Jeronimo Santos, Director of Business Development and Marketing at Ipiranga to StartUpi

Reportedly, over 100 startups have expressed interest in joining forces with Ipiranga’s Turbo. 

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