Jokr shuts down operations in Colombia 2 months after leaving Chile

Jokr, the virtual supermarket platform, announced it will cease its operations in Colombia. Last November, Jokr left Medellín, the third city in Colombia where the company closed operations after Barranquilla and Bucaramanga. 

As stated by the company, Jokr will suspend its operations in Colombia from January 27, 2023: “We are deeply grateful to all customers who opened the doors of their homes to bring them the products they needed, at the time they needed them.”

In December 2021, Jokr gained unicorn status after a $260M Series B round. The company has been present in five Latin American countries: Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Chile, and Brazil. 

In Colombia, Jokr faced strong competition from Rappi, especially from the startup’s hidden stores and its fast delivery service Turbo. Other strong players in Colombia’s market are Cornershop and Uber’s Merqueo

In November 2022, Jokr ceased operations in Chile. The company states it will continue to operate normally in Mexico, Peru, and Brazil. Its strategy will focus on “strengthening its presence in the markets that have reached a larger scale and, in this way, strengthen our path to profitability.”

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