Jorge Enrique Gómez (Sura), José Luis Marciales (Solidaria) and Andrés Felipe Morales (Chubb): Digitalizing Insurance, Ep 4


In the fourth episode of Hacking Insurance, our host Rodrigo Alfonso talks with Jorge Enrique Gómez, Digital Channel Manager at Sura; José Luis Marciales, Digital Channel Manager & Ecommerce at Aseguradora Solidaria; and Andrés Felipe Morales, Digital Leader at Chubb.

Hacking Insurance is a podcast where you can learn about the latest digital trends in the insurance and insurtech world from industry leaders. Our host, Rodrigo Alfonso, is co-founder of Sekure, the LATAM market’s embedded insurance distribution network. Throughout the episodes, Rodrigo will talk with guests about technology, innovation, and the impact of Insurtech on insurance.

Customizing insurance products for a digital world

In this episode, Rodrigo talks with his guests about the efforts in innovation for the customer experience in the digital channels in three of the biggest insurance players in Colombia: Seguros Sura, Aseguradora Solidaria and Chubb. Join Rodrigo while he speaks with Andrés Felipe, José Luis and Jorge Enrique on their respectives’ companies approach to embracing a digital strategy in insurance.

One common ground of the conversation with Rodrigo’s guests revolves around providing a better experience for clients and taking advantage of digitalization to directly reach consumers, specially those new generations acquiring insurance and requiring new insurance products.

Join the conversation with our guests on the current state of affairs in the insurance world, how insurance is developing new solutions and how the industry is shaping itself into an ever evolving digital world.

Outline of this episode:

  • [01:20] – Introduction to guests
  • [01:23] – The digital approach of the insurance companies
  • [07:56] – Rebranding for a direct approach to customers in the digital world
  • [09:07] – Sura’s digital strategy
  • [14:27] – Intermediaries or direct sales
  • [15:01] – Leveraging with digital startups
  • [16:58] – Challenges of digital transformation
  • [19:47] – A client’s focused approach to going digital
  • [22:32] – MVPs in the insurance world
  • [24:40] – Organizational change
  • [29:25] – Chubb and Betterfly
  • [32:40] – Improving the customer experience
  • [34:45] – Insurance as a service and not a commodity
  • [35:16] – Trends in other regions
  • [37:01] – Value proposition and alliances with insurtechs
  • [41:42] – Today’s most important skill set
  • [44:53] – Chubb Studio
  • [46:03] – Advice to insurtechs
  • [47:00] – The future of insurance in a digital world
  • [47:44] – Open Insurance
  • [56:20] – Challenges coming ahead
  • [1:01:20] – Sekure’s mission

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