Kibernum expands to Peru

Kibernum, a Chilean company specializing in IT talent search and training, expanded its operations to Peru, the country ranking fifth in demand for IT professionals in Latin America.

The company’s goal is to finish 2023 with at least 40 professionals hired, enabling them to achieve a 20% growth in company profits.

The official launch is scheduled for September 6th, and Kibernum has dedicated $5M in investment in the region over the next three years. 

“At Kibernum, we focused on helping our clients become more flexible and embrace technology to modernize their business models. We saw a great chance for growth and success in Latin America, especially in countries like Peru with its energy, biodiversity, and talent,” said Marcelo Solari, CEO of Kibernum.

After establishing its presence in Colombia, Peru, and the US, Kibernum’s strategic growth plans include further expansion into the US (Silicon Valley and the East Coast) and Spain. 

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