Kushki launches operations in Mexico

LatAm List – Kushki, the Ecuadorian digital payments platform, recently started operating in Mexico. Using Kushki’s Cajita de Pagos (translated ‘Checkout’) clients can charge their customers through multiple payment channels –including debit and credit cards, bank transfers, and in-person payments– under one integrated solution. 

Opening operations in Mexico will be key to Kushki’s plans to offer its services in the entire continent. 

“We believe Kushki offers Mexican companies a unique digital payment solution, which today is especially relevant, in light of the health and economic situation we are living in, where digitization is essential to boost businesses,” commented Sebastián Castro, cofounder of Kushki. “Through our platform, we quickly create a significant impact on public and private companies in the digitization process of the local market.”

Kushki’s service includes digital migration consulting, which helps internal teams grow digital transactionality while eliminating costly cash systems. Kushki currently operates in the US, Canada, Chile, Peru, Colombia, and Ecuador.

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