Latam Scaleup Sessions: Kushki, Fintual, Justo, Oyster, Albo, Ualá

LatamList – What makes a startup go from a local innovation to a constantly expanding regional business? That is the big question that will be addressed in the Latam Scaleup Sessions this Thursday, March 11th at 12 PM (GMT-3). 

Organized by payment platform Kushki, the online event brings together six of the most prominent scaleups creating an impact in Latin America: Fintual, Justo, Oyster, Albo, and Ualá

Scaleups are startups that have become consolidated companies, with an annual growth greater than 20% for at least three consecutive years, accompanied by an evolution based on innovation and the dynamic expansion of new markets. These types of companies face challenges such as managing an explosive increase in personnel, coexisting with culturally diverse markets, and a constant need to raise capital.

“We decided to organize this event because we realized that a lot is known of the impact large companies can have and the need for startup innovation, but little is said about how influential scaleups are. We believe that this discussion is necessary and also inspiring for those who want to focus on new businesses,” said Óscar Quevedo, Country Manager Chile at Kushki.

The Latam Scaleup Sessions will consist of four panels: Product Development, Culture, Marketing, and Raising Capital. 

In each panel discussion the moderator will interact with three spokespersons from the invited companies, to then give way to questions asked by the live audience. 

Among the participants will be Aron Schwarzkopf, Kushki CEO; Jessica Guzmán and Sara Vásquez, Fintual Product Owner México and Head of People, respectively; Rodrigo Segal, President and Founder at Justo; Tomás González, Product Marketing Manager at Oyster; and Martín Hansen, Brand Manager at Ualá. 

The event will take place on Thursday, March 11th at 10 AM (GMT-5) and will be streamed live through Kushki’s official YouTube channel, with LatamList as a media partner for the event.

Registration for the event is now open.

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