Latinia backs more fintechs than any other corporation in LatAm

LatAm List – Through Startupbootcamp, financial software developer Latinia has invested in over 45 Latin American fintechs, states a report from Finnovista and LendIt Fintech on the LatAm fintech landscape. This number positions Latinia as the top corporate backer of fintechs in the region.

“We are often asked: why does a software developer like Latinia invest in fintech? In our case, various factors pushed us to make the decision, one of which was the fact that our bank clients demand of us to be more than just a developer; they want a partner. Financial entities want a knowledgeable counterpart whom they can ask: ‘What is the best lender-as-a-service in Peru? What is the strongest neobank in Mexico?’ for example. When you have such an intimate relationship with the bank, they ask that you have a lot of knowledge as well,” comments Oriol Ros, Latinia’s Director of Corporate Development.

Beyond its support of Startupbootcamp, Latinia has also directly invested in eight startups with operations in Mexico. These companies include: Dapp (payments), Facturedo (lending),  Prestanómico (lending),  Flink (neobank), Tu Identidad (biometrics), UALET (robo-advisor),  Prometeo (Open Banking) y Belvo (Open Banking).

After 20 years of operations, Latinia continues to focus on understanding and integrating the newest financial technology into their work.

Read more on the Latinia website.

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