Liquido modernizes payment access for businesses in Latin America

mobile phone payment

Liquido, a Brazilian payment infrastructure company, has opened its payment processing platform to cross border and local merchants across Latin America, right after a successful closed beta that processed more than $300M in payments.

The company aims to simplify online purchases  by accepting and processing all forms of payment, from credit and debit cards to bank transfers to digital wallets and even cash. 

According to Shanxiang Qi, co-founder and CTO, Liquido aims to provide a seamless payment experience tailored to the Latin American market with new technologies such as: “Payment Success Booster” that performs customizable fraud flagging and transaction blocking, WhatsApp payment recovery, flexible payment method switching, and smart routing. 

Among other innovative solutions, Liquido launched the “WhatsApp Liquido-Store”, a storefront that enables users to browse, find, and buy from merchants through WhatsApp. 

To date, Liquido has raised $26M in funding across two rounds, both led by Index Ventures.

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