Luuna starts production expansion efforts

Luuna logo

Luuna, a Mexican startup that sells mattresses, opened its first factory in Mexico to increase production from 150,000 to 1 million mattresses a year.

This move is part of Luuna’s $25M investment plan to control its entire supply chain and increase market share.

“The mattress industry is divided between foam manufacturers and retailers. Normally, retailers do not get involved with foam production because it is a very complicated industry, but if we wanted to give clients savings opportunities, we would have to do the work in its entirety,” said Carlos Salinas, Co-Founder and CEO of Zebrands, Luuna’s parent company.

Luuna offers a “bed in box” product with mattress technology that provides better breathability, comfort, and hygiene.

Luuna began operations in Mexico in 2015 and today operates in Mexico, Brazil, and the US.


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