Magma Partners: A venture capitalist’s perspective on Latin America’s insurtech industry, Ep 10

In the tenth episode of Hacking Insurance, our host Rodrigo Alfonso talks with Pedro Pablo Del Campo, Partner at Magma Partners.

Hacking Insurance is a podcast where you can learn about the latest digital trends in the insurance and insurtech world with industry leaders. Our host, Rodrigo Alfonso, is co-founder of Sekure, the LATAM market’s embedded insurance distribution network. Throughout the episodes, Rodrigo talks with guests about technology, innovation, and the impact of Insurtech on insurance.

Investing in Latin America’s top startups

In this episode, Rodrigo talks with Pedro Pablo Del Campo, Partner at Magma Partners, an early-stage fund that invests in Latin American startups since 2014. Magma invests in startups that are in pre-seed stage all the way up to Series A. With a portfolio of over 125 startups, Magma has invested in companies based in 14 Latin American countries. 

Magma invests mainly in fintechs, insurtechs, proptechs and marketplaces, but likes to define itself as a generalist fund. In today’s episode, Pedro Pablo talks about where Magma thinks the potential of Latin America’s insurtech industry lies. He also discusses the differences between fintechs and insurtechs and the position of Latin America’s insurtech industry in the world.

Also, Pedro Pablo shares his investment outlook for Latin America in the short and medium term, and talks about why there will be an adjustment in valuations. In this episode, he also explains how Magma evaluates startups and shares why they believe good teams have higher success rates.

Outline of this episode:

  • [00:57] – About Magma
  • [02:32] – Investment outlook in Latin America
  • [06:04] – Valuation adjustments
  • [09:43] – Opportunities in the insurtech industry
  • [20:24] – Scalability and VC for early startups
  • [22:20] – Fintechs vs. insurtechs
  • [28:46] – The importance of storytelling
  • [30:32] – Approaching VC
  • [32:54] – Corporate Venture Capital
  • [36:05] – Recommendations of articles/podcasts

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