Manutara Ventures launches $28M Series A fund

Cristian Olea Manutara

Manutara Ventures launched a $28M fund, backed by investors from the US and Chile, to invest in Series A startups in Chile and Latin America. 

With the capital, the firm plans to invest $1M in tickets in Pre-Series A and Series A rounds. Additionally, Manutara Ventures will follow on with tickets for up to $3M to nurture its portfolio startups.

“This will be a challenging year but also full of opportunities. In addition, it coincided with the divestment period of our fund I so it’s a great moment to start focusing on our new fund,” said Manutara Ventures’ Managing Partner, Cristian Olea.

This is Manutara Ventures’ second fund, following the launch of their initial $18M fund in 2022. Through their first fund, the firm invested in startups such as Xepelin, ETpay, OpenCasa, and Camel Secure.

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