Mercado Libre invests $27.1M to build a distribution center in Jalisco, Mexico

LatamListMercado Libre, the leading e-commerce platform in Latin America, invested $27.1M to open up a distribution center in the Mexican state of Jalisco to help speed up deliveries in the central region of the country. This will be Mercado Libre’s first center in the Bajío region, and the third in the country.

Mercado Libre will build the warehouse, which will span 60,000 square meters, in the city of El Salto. Half of the building is expected to be functional by November, according to Mercado Libre’s Head of Operations Javier Dolcet.

“Jalisco is consolidating itself as the tech and innovation hub in the region. This news is a clear signal that we’re on the right path, that we have the legal framework, with a vision to promote and a government that backs the private initiative to continue growing. With the state of uncertainty brought on by the pandemic, we’ve been able to create a climate of trust to attract investments like this one,” said Enrique Alfaro Ramírez in a Facebook post.

Ramírez also explained that this new distribution center will create 3,500 new formal jobs at all levels in its initial stage

Mercado Libre stated in February that this year it would invest $420M in Mexico, its fastest-growing market, which would be 46% more than 2019.

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