Mexican Crypto Firm to Open Eight New Exchange Houses

LatAm List – Cryptocurrency exchange ‘houses’ or ‘offices’ are physical locations where people can buy and sell cryptocurrency without using the internet, something that does not yet exist in Mexico. Mexican cryptocurrency startup, Amero-Isatek, is ready to change that.

Amero-Isatek plans to open exchange houses in: Mazatlán, Mérida, Querétaro, Cancún, Mexico City, Monterrey, Guadalajara, and Los Cabos.

Amero-Isatek is currently in the process of purchasing two Estonian companies, ‘Invest Factory’ and ‘Global XVC, Which are  equipped to buy or sell any form of cryptocurrency.

Amero-Isatek’s CEO, Alfonso Jiménez said: “It is the guarantee for our investors, that whatever happens in Mexico with the FinTech law, with the provisions of Banxico, we will be able to operate legally on a global level with a financial base from there”.

Read more about Amero-Isatek’s plans at El Financiero.

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