Mexican.VC registers 8X returns for investors

In a story originally reported by Entrepreneur, venture capital firm Mexican.VC has sold 25% of their share in the edtech startup, Yogome, to Insight Venture Partners. The sale generated returns of a stunning 30,000% of their original investment, while Mexican.VC still maintains a majority of their shares. Overall, the returns create an eightfold return “cash on cash” of the entire fund.

Mexican.VC was founded by four individuals, two from Silicon Valley and two from Mexico City. The fund was acquired by 500 Startups to become 500 Mexico City, which has invested over US$10M in over 130 startups across Latin America. The founders are now administering funds or working in strategy across the field of tech.

The founders of Yogome have also begun to dabble in investment, creating a fund that support startups with needs similar to theirs. The fund is called Super Early Stage. The investors from Mexican.VC continue to be extremely enthusiastic about Yogome’s growth trajectory, as it recently raised a Series B round from Exceed Capital.

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