Mobile internet access is coming to Cuba

LatAm List – As of this week, Cuban mobile phone users with 3G coverage will have access to mobile internet via ETECSA, the state telecom service. However, it is likely that these services will be out of reach for the majority of Cubans due to cost.

Until 2013, most Cubans had little to no access to the Internet, and even since then, have depended on tourist hotels or Internet cafes to connect with the outside world. However, the government has been building a 3G network for the past year and tested it in July with a select group of people.

They will roll out the service over three days in December to prevent slowdowns. Currently, the service is priced at US$7 for 600MB or US$30 for 4GB. Cuba’s average monthly salary comes in around US$30, so mobile Internet will still be inaccessible for the majority of Cubans.

Read more in Forbes.

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