Monica Black to lead The Venture City as Partner for the Americas

LatAm List – The former Investment Director for the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative will be moving to Miami to lead venture fund, The Venture City. Monica Black spent the past 2.5 years analyzing the strategic investments of the Chan Zuckerberg Initative in San Francisco, providing over US$100M to educational projects in the US.

Monica will be supporting the fund in her home city, making high-impact investments in entrepreneurs across the ecosystem in Latin America and the US. She plans to bring her Silicon-Valley background to Miami to create a clear method and vision for building out the local ecosystem.

Monica’s vision for the fund is clear:

“Investment in technology must be a social impact catalyzer. The projects must help to create welfare”.

The Venture City believes that innovation is becoming decentralized and good ideas can come from any part of the world. Monica will help evaluate the scale potential of The Venture City’s projects and help them reach a global market.

Monica has previously worked in investment at JP Morgan, Providence Equity, and the Gates Foundation.


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