New opportunities for Latin American startups to raise funding in Europe

LatAm List – The world’s largest equity crowdfunding platform, CrowdCube, has announced a partnership with Mexico’s crowdfunding platform, Play Business, to help Latin American startups gain access to European capital. This partnership is meant to override the idea that Latin American startups can raise funding in the US.

“Today it is challenging to access funding [from Europe] during early stages and most entrepreneurs and investors don’t see it as an option,” said Play Business in a press release.

Since 2015, Play Business has processed over MX$150M (~US$8M) in crowdfunding projects. The partnership with UK counterpart CrowdCube will allow Play Business to finance larger deals for the startups on the platform. CrowdCube has over 500,000 investors subscribed to the platform and processed over 130M pounds (US$170M) in 2017.

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