Peruvian startup Legal Ventures announces expansion to Mexico

Legal Ventures, the first legaltech to win StartUp Peru, announced its expansion to Mexico.

Legal Ventures core business is providing affordable legal services for fundraising processes by connecting specialized lawyers with startups and venture capital firms. The company also uses technology to automate documentation, saving 60% in time spent compared to traditional legal services. 

“Our plan is not only to serve startups from Mexico, but also  to be a bridge for startups that want to expand from other Latin American countries into Mexico,” said Alberto Arrieta,  founder & Head Counsel at Legal Ventures.

The startup offers a large amount of legal services from contract elaboration to whole legal representation. To date, they have served as a partner for deals of over $100M, for clients like Talently, Salkantay Ventures, Rextie, and Joinnus.

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