Platzi launches its own satellite into orbit

Platzi Satellite

Platzi, the Colombian edtech company, has made a groundbreaking move by putting its satellite, the PlatziSat-1 in orbit. The company aims to involve more people in the aerospace industry in Latin America.

The 15-inch satellite will orbit Earth for two years, serving as the cornerstone for Platzi’s Space Program. The program consists of 11 courses covering various aspects of satellite construction, ground stations, data reception from PlatziSat-1, and communication with other open satellites.

“We believe it is important for Latin America to participate in the [aerospace] industry. Currently, there are a few cases of Latinos working in it, such as the first Mexican woman astronaut who went to space with Blue Origin, as well as a Latino who worked at NASA on the robot project sent to Mars two years ago,” said Platzi’s Head of Growth, Juan Pablo Rojas.

Platzi sees the satellite launch as a strategic long-term investment in nurturing a new generation of Latin American professionals dedicated to the aerospace industry.

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