Rampa Ventures launches virtual accelerator to support tech startups across Latin America

LatAm ListRampa Ventures recently announced the launch of its new virtual accelerator, called Hiperpropulsor, to support Latin American tech startups starting in Q1 2020. The accelerator will provide up to $50K in seed capital and a 24-week acceleration program that culminates in a virtual demo day.

The idea behind this program is to support tech startups that are located outside of Latin America’s biggest hubs, helping young companies get off the ground no matter where they are located. Although capital is becoming more available in the Latin American ecosystem, most of this funding is still concentrated in the biggest cities, leaving aside many early startups.

Hiperpropulsor will push entrepreneurs to work on weekly projects to help support the growth of their enterprise, meanwhile connecting them to global markets. This program was built by a community of founders, mentors, and investors who want to see startups from around the region succeed, starting from the earliest stages.

Read more on Hiperpropulsor and apply here.

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